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3 Extremely Hot Google Adsense Alternatives for low traffic Blogger Blogs

Amazing Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger

You're willing to start making money online with your Blogspot/Blogger Blog but when you come to know that you're website hasn't yet received the pageviews/visitors Goal to be accepted by the Google Adsense, you get confused and may be you will think that you've wasted your time or you may think that you have to wait until you increase your Blog Traffic. What ? if someone tells you that you can also earn some bucks from your Blog even your blog is not getting a huge amount of traffic. The same news I have here for you, Happy ? yes, its true you can do it by placing the ads provided by the Google adsense alternatives. The Google Adsense Alternatives I am going to share with you works on CPM (Cost per Mille/Thousand) or CPC (Cost per Click) basis, means CPC ad networks will pay you for each click on their advertisement and CPM ad networks pays for every Thousand impressions. These ad networks will help you earn some money from your Blogger Blog, doesn't matter if your blog is not good at receiving traffic. But keep in mind that once your Blog starts getting good amount of traffic then you should Choose Google adsense as a source of your Online income. Now, you've already got enough information about what I am going to share with you. So, have a look at the Google adsense alternatives for low traffic blogger blogs that I have personally used.

3 Extremely Hot Google Adsense Alternatives for low traffic Blogger Blogs:

1. Revenue Hits:

This is my favorite CPM (Cost per Thousand) ad network that really pays you a good amount of money for the impression on the ad provided by them and placed on your Blog. Normally it pays a good amount of money to the publishers, the payment for every one thousand impressions starts from $1 to more than $47. it all depends on the country your blog is receiving traffic from. Revenue Hits provides different cashout options and the popular one is PaypalThe minimum cashout is $10. it gives you an opportunity to choose the look of your advertisement from a variety of placements. Honestly, if someone asks me for an ad network that accepts low traffic sites and gives great results, I would prefer Revenue Hits. Because it is the best CPM ad network and Google adsense alternative as it is a trusted source of online income. Another good thing about this Ad network is that it is not only good for low traffic Blogs and websites but also a great source of income for High Traffic Blogs.
Chitika is also a good CPM/CPC ad network. it is my second favorite Google ad sense alternative as it performs well for its publisher. it doesn't have any traffic requirements and accepts both low and high traffic blogs instantly. It allows the cashouts $10 through paypal or $50 through cheque. The minimum cashout amount is $10, once you receive $10 on your Chitika account you can cash it out through paypal. it gives different advertisement sizes according to your blog requirements. it pays you for every click and one thousand impressions on their ad. The amount of money they pay for clicks and impression starts from $0.02 to $3. So, go for it if you don't like Revenue Hits.
Infolinks is my third favourite Google Adsense Alternative. it is a CPM ad network that pays upto $2 for every thousand impression on the advertisements provided by infolinks and placed on your Blog. When you reach $50 on your infolinks account you can cash it out. you can cashout through Paypal, Bankwire Transfers, eCheck, Western Union, ACH, Payoneer etc. Infolinks provides pop-up advertisements, text advertisements and banner advertisements. It will be a great choice if your website is receiving more than 3000 impressions per day.
These were the best Google Adsense Alternatives that I have personally used and got the best results. I think sharing these ad networks with my Blog fans would be a great decision because I don't want someone else to waste his/her time searching for best Google Ad sense alternatives and CPM ad networks that accepts low traffic sites and gives great results. I have searched a lot for such ad networks and after getting positive reviews about these 3 networks, I used them and got incredible results, It was the reason behind sharing this descriptive article with my Blog fans.

If you have used other CPM or CPC ad networks and got impressive results than share them with us in the comments below.
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