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7 Legit Online Earning without investment Sources

Make Money Online

Everyone Now-a-days wishes to earn money online because they want to Earn some extra cash or they want to pass more time with their Family. I have seen lot of people who work online and the amount of cash that they earn is enough for them to spend a Happy Life. Even I have seen lot of people who have quit their Jobs just because earning online was giving them more benefits and more income than their real Jobs. Yeah, I know you are thinking that Is it Possible to do that and if yes, Then How? Keep calm I am going to share the real secrets of earning extra cash online without investment. its obvious that not everyone working online will succeed because you have to choose wisely what works better for you. For Example if a person is good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) than he should make a website or Blog like the great or because they are also the same and are writing great SEO articles for their visitors. Now, after creating an amazing blog the person who is good at SEO should write some amazing articles and catch the attention of the people, when his blog starts receiving good Traffic then its time to use it for some earnings. The Bloggers around the world use different strategies to Earn from their Blogs and websites. Some use the CPM (Cost Per Thousand), CPA (Cost per Action), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPS (Cost per Sale) ad networks to Earn From their sites while some of them use to sell the EBOOKS created by them about SEO or something else which is also a great way to Earn from your website.

Now, Coming Back to Topic. I know that you are thinking earning money from a blog/website is a time consuming process and you don't have that much time to give to your Blog. Don't Worry it's not the only way to Earn Online without investment, it is for sure the best way to earn online But again i would say that not every one succeeds in using their Blogs for Earnings because the competition is getting harder day by day as more than 2 million blogs are created daily.

Other Ways of Earning Online without a single dollar investment are PTC (Paid-to-Click) Sites, GPT (Get-Paid-To) Sites, Captcha Entry Sites, Articles Writing Sites, Link Shortening Sites, Youtube and Dailymotion (Video Sharing Sites), Online surveys Sites, Become a Freelance WriterGigs on sites like fiver etc. I will explain all these types of online earning without investment sources one by one and you have to choose what's easy for you. Don't choose any option in hurry just think about it and ask your self that is this one really Good for me? Please don't think to be rich in few days, it will take some time. All you have to do is put some efforts and wait for the great results. Now choose from the list of 7 below and start working online to earn some extra cash.

7 Legit and Trusted Online Earning Without Investment Sources:

Earning Online create a blog or website

1. Make a Blog/Website to Earn Online:

Earning cash from a website you own is a great way to earn online, and probably the most you can earn online. As I told you that millions of blogs are created daily wishing to earn from it but most of the people gives up and start searching for alternative ways to earn online and do different online Jobs. But do you know ? I really love the readers of my blog and i will give you the best advice to help you succeed online. As of my experience the best way to earn online is to start making a free blog/website, for this you can use the most trusted free website making sources like Blogspot and WordpressBut only decide to earn money online with websites when you have enough time for this task. The Steps below will let you know how to start earning from a blog or website, I'll not go in detail because for us its a long way to read about all the 7 sources of earning online to earn some extra cash.

Steps to follow for Earning Money via a Blog/Website:

1. First you have to choose a platform to make a Free Blog, Choose Blogger or Wordpress as i mentioned above, to create a Free Blog.
2. Now you have to set up a good template on your site because a great website templates catches the attention of your visitor and forces them to stay on your page for longer, You can use Free Blogger Templates or Buy a Premium Template Online.
3. Try Submitting your site to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, by doing this step your site will be indexed into Google and Bing (Popular Search Engines) which will help you get the very first Search Engine Traffic (Visitors) for your site.
4. Now, its time to post some content to your site. let me give you a hint to start posting something great with the perfect optimization according to google.
=> Always post unique content.
=> use keywords in your content (Don't over load it).
=> use alt tags for your images.
=> Share your posts on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
=> Keep your post title short.
=> Always write a description for each post.
These are few important tips, Probably I am missing some of them but don't worry I will write a great informative post for you within few days on how your Posts exactly should be.
5. Post Relevant and Quality content on daily basis or at least 5 times a week.
6. When you start Getting good amount of traffic on your site than, its time to place advertisements on your website for this purpose you can search on Google for CPM (Cost Per Thousand) ad networks which pays you for thousand impressions or CPC (Cost per Click) ad networks which pays you for a single click on the ad placed on your site. I am telling you to search for these ad networks on Google because i haven't yet written an article about it and for sure within in some days you will find it here. So, bookmark this website and checkout within some days.
7. Now you will be earning some extra cash from your website.

make money captcha entry sites

2. Earning with Captcha Entry Sites:

For Newbies a great way to earn online is to earn through Captcha Entry Site. Now let me answer What are Captcha Entry Sites? These are sites which gives you some images with a little difficult text and you have to type the text in the given field (box). The reason why i kept this source of online income on the second number is that earning through these sites is not difficult and you will see the results very early but all you have to keep in mind is you don't have to enter wrong text. A good thing about Captcha Entry sites is that unlike the website earnings you don't have to wait for months to get your income started.
"All you Have to do is Type and Earn"
Captcha Entry sites pays you for every One Thousand Entries submitted. Some times they pay 0.4$ per One Thousand Captchas, Sometimes they Pay 1.8$ per One Thousand Captchas. The amount they pays you per one thousand captchas completely depends on the Timing and mostly they pays you more when you type at late nights. This is all about Captcha Entry sites which i think is enough for you to get started. Some of the Most popular and legit Captcha Entry sites are given below try these and be consistent with the one which you think is good for you.

Top 10 Captcha Entry Sites that really pays for work:

3. Captcha Typers
    To join Captcha Typers send them email with a request to join and they will send back the login details to you. Use this Email:  to contact.
    Download Qlinkgroup software and follow the instructions to work with Qlinkgroup.
Fast Typers is a bit difficult to join as you have to send the copy of photo ID to join this network.
10. PixProfit
     Visit this website and follow the instructions to join this network.

PTC Sites for online earnings

3. Earning with PTC (Paid-to-Click) Sites:

PTC (Paid-to-Click) Sites are also a great source to earn a good amount of money online but I have to say that not everyone succeeds with earning through PTC (Paid To Click) sites and if you do some efforts than you will definitely earn a good amount of money with these sites. Let me tell you something about PTC sites, These are the sites that allows you to earn online, earning through PTC sites is very easy. You're given some advertisements to click every day and after clicking them a new windows will open with an advertisement, you have to wait for few seconds and after the time is over, the funds will be added to your account balance. This is enough information for you to start earning with Paid to Click Sites. Want to know More about PTC sites ?

Some of the Legit and High Paying PTC sites that really pays:

1. Neobux
4. Clixten
5. Lexiadz
10. Ojooo

Earning Online with Link shortning sites

4. Earning with Link Shortening Sites:

Link shortening sites are a great source of earning without investment. its a source of great income for the people who have lot of likes on their Facebook Fan Pages, lot of followers on Twitter, Google+ etc. Now let me explain this, Link shortening sites pays you when you convert a long link into short using the link shortening site and an advertisement is displayed for few seconds before redirecting the followers of your social media accounts to the real page, This is what they pays you for. Now think that How much will you earn when majority of your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Followers will click that link ? I'll advise you to go for this option if you have lot of Social Media Fans/Followers. if you don't have thousands of Fans on your social network than don't go for this way of earning online.

Top 5 Trusted and Legit Link Shortening Sites:


GPT sites for earning online

5. Earning with GPT (Get-paid-To) Sites:

GPT (Get Paid To) sites are a great source of earning online as it gives you opportunities to do different tasks for earning online. There are a number of ways you can follow to earn some cash from a single GPT (Get Paid To) Site. These sites allows you to earn few bucks by completing the available Offers in which you have to test new products and sign-up for new websites and services. You also have an opportunity to earn by taking research surveys and giving your opinion about it. Another great way of earning through these kind of sites is by shopping online and get a ratio of money back for it into your GPT Site account. When you will refer the GPT site you are using to someone else and he/she joins it, you will get some cash for it. Also you will earn a good ratio of the money your referrals are earning which can boost your earnings. You can also earn money from Get Paid To sites by Earning Points towards Prizes for socializing, playing Games and winning Contests. The reason why I like the GPT (Get-paid-To) sites is that they provide you a lot of opportunities to earn cash and No one is bored when working of these sites. Also if a survey is not available or difficult to complete than you can use the alternative ways like completing surveys, playing games etc. Some of the Top Paying and Trusted Get-Paid-To sites are given below.

Top 5 Legit GPT (Get Paid To) Sites that really pays:

1. TrafficMonSoon
2. ClixSense
3. Points2Shop
4. Superpay
5. CashCrate

Earn Money with youtube and dailymotion

6. Earning Online with Video Sharing:

The most interesting and addictive kind of work on the internet which doesn't really requires big skills is Earning with Video Sharing Sites. Let me explain what it really is ? and How does it pays you. First You will have to Register on a Video Sharing Sites, most popular ones are given below. Then, you will have to create interesting videos that catches the attention of the people and attracts a lot of viewers. A video add will be placed between or at the beginning of the video you have shared and when some one views the advertisement or click it, You will be paid for it. Some video sharing sites may pay you for every One Thousand Views or something like that. Popular Video Sharing sites are Given Below.

Popular Video Sharing Sites to Make Money From:

1. Youtube
2. Dailymotion
3. Vimeo

Gigs on sites like fiverr

7. Gigs On Sites Like Fiverr:

If you have some cool skills and you believe your self good at it than Gigs on sites like Fiver can be the best way for you to earn online. Let me explain that What is a Gig or How to earn ? A gig in reality is a name simply given to a task, which you have to do in order to get paid. For example you are a Web Designer and you want to use your skill to earn some good cash, Then you should register on a site like Fiver and start making money Online. All you have to do is to Register on a site Given below (Choose what looks better to you) and search for the jobs like Web Designing, You will get some results on the screen with different rates but please keep in mind, Never Go for the Bigger Prize unless you build some trust because only big companies provide work with good rates and they will never hire a newbie to do a task for them. So, First complete the jobs that pays a little money for the task (They will easily accept you if you do have that skill) and then after building your trust on the website, Go for the Bigger Offer. Some of the trusted and most used Gigs sites are.

Most Popular and Trusted Gigs Sites:

1. Fiverr
2. FiverUp
3. GigBucks
4. Zeerk
5. SeoClerks


For me my fans and visitors are very important, and I love being with them. So, I searched, worked and shared the best ways of earning online with my respected blog readers. One thing i would like you to keep in mind before leaving is "Don't think of earning large amount of money Online in the beginning, Do the task that you're able to do smoothly and you will get the results" also keep in mind that "Nothing is easy" and you definitely have to put some efforts to rise in the world of Making Money Online. After you have read the points clearly and have completely got the sense what I wanted to say, Now choose what will you work with. Read the ways of earning online mentioned above and choose your online earning without investment source.

We love comment's. Share Your thoughts and suggest me some other sources of earning online that you really think should be in this list.


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