Sunday, January 24, 2016

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SEO Technique: Setting up Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

SEO Techniques Setting Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Setting up Your Blog/website for competing well in search result is the best thing you can do for your blog. You may do it taking different steps to optimize it for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Other Search Engines such as yandex. So, Today i want you to know how to set up "Blogger Custom Robots Header Tags" that will improve your websites Search engine visibility and performance. Follow the steps below.

Setting up Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger:

1. Log in to Blogger and Select Your Blog.
2. Click the "Settings" menu.
Blogger dashboard settings

3. Now click the "Search preferences".
Blogger Search Preferences

4. You'll see "Custom robots Headers Tags" under the Crawlers and indexing section, Click "Edit" in front of it.
Custom Robots Header Tags editing

5. When it asks "Enable Custom Robots Header Tags" click "Yes".
6. Under the "Homepage" option select "all" and "noodp", Under the "Archive and Search Pages" option select "noindex" and "noodp", Under the "Default for Posts and Pages" option Select "all" and "noodp". (See the image below to set up easily)
Custom Robots Header Tags settings in Blogger

We love comments, Comment below and feel free to ask if you are facing any problem. Also Comment below if you have successfully set up the "Custom Robots Header Tags" in Blogger.


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